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  1. To hire a car at ABS you need to prove your identity and address with at least two documents including your driving license.
  2. There is a daily limit of 300 km. Excess kilometers are charged 15 gr/ each.
  3. Leaving Poland is only possible by prior arrangement & permission obtained from a representative of ABS.
  4. Vehicles can only be hired & driven by people signing or mentioned in the contract.
  5. Should any collision or breakdown happen, you are obliged to inform ABS immediately.
  6. If there was a collision with other vehicles, that was not your fault, you are obliged to obtain a written statement from a person taking responsibility for the accident.
  7. If there is any damage which is your fault, the time of the car being serviced automatically prolongs your contract and you are obliged to pay 100% of your contracted daily rate.
  8. If you do not return the car on time without prior notice or prolonging your contract, Police will be informed immediately and legal prosecution will be taken.
  9. You are obliged to secure the car, especially at night.
  10. In circumstances not mentioned in our Rules & Regulations Legal Acts & Government Regulations will be executed.

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Port Lotniczy Gdańsk
im. Lecha Wałęsy
ul. Słowackiego 200
80-298 Gdańsk


ul. Cechowa 28
81-194 Gdynia

tel.: (+48 58) 625-14-92
fax: (+48 58) 625-14-92 tel.: (+48) 517-182-390
tel.: (+48) 509-389-409
tel.: (+48) 609-860-114


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